March 7, 2009

Timeline of releases of Operating systems

Release date Product nameCurrent Version / Build Notes
November 1985Windows 1.011.01Unsupported
November 1987Windows 2.032.03Unsupported
March 1989Windows 2.112.11Unsupported
May 1990Windows 3.03.0Unsupported
March 1992Windows 3.1x3.1Unsupported
October 1992Windows For Workgroups 3.13.1Unsupported
July 1993Windows NT 3.1NT 3.1Unsupported
December 1993Windows For Workgroups 3.113.11Unsupported
January 1994Windows 3.2 (released in Simplified Chinese only)3.2Unsupported
September 1994Windows NT 3.5NT 3.5Unsupported
May 1995Windows NT 3.51NT 3.51Unsupported
August 1995Windows 954.0.950Unsupported
July 1996Windows NT 4.0NT 4.0.1381Unsupported
June 1998Windows 984.10.1998Unsupported
May 1999Windows 98 SE4.10.2222Unsupported
February 2000Windows 2000NT 5.0.2195Extended Support until July 13, 2010
September 2000Windows Me4.90.3000Unsupported
October 2001Windows XPNT 5.1.2600Current for SP2 and SP3 (RTM and SP1 unsupported).
March 2003Windows XP 64-bit Edition 2003NT 5.2.3790Unsupported
April 2003Windows Server 2003NT 5.2.3790Current for SP1, R2, SP2 (RTM unsupported).
April 2005Windows XP Professional x64 EditionNT 5.2.3790Current
July 2006Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCsNT 5.1.2600Current
November 2006 (volume licensing)
January 2007 (retail)
Windows VistaNT 6.0.6001Current. Version Changed to NT 6.0.6001 with SP1 (February 4 08)
July 2007Windows Home ServerNT 5.2.4500Current
February 2008Windows Server 2008NT 6.0.6001Current
TBAWindows 7NT 6.1.7000Beta release

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